Defination of Done

Definition of Ready

DOR Helps the team to decide and measure for any particular PBIs is ready for the sprint. that means if the PBIs meets all the checkpoint of the DOR, it can be taken for the sprint for execution. Scrum Master and the team validate the PBI from the DOR checklist before committing for a sprint.

Sample Definition of Ready

  • The story must be written as a user story (i.e. “As a <kind of user> I want <feature> so that <benefit>”)
  • Acceptance criteria must exist and be understood by the team
  • The story has been estimated by the team
  • UX sketches exist, where appropriate, and are understood by the team
  • Performance criteria exist, where appropriate, and are understood by the team
  • The team understands how to demo the feature

Suggested Steps to Create DOR

There is no one way to create a Definition of Ready. The important thing is that the whole team agrees to it and that the Developers have enough information to begin working on the Story and successfully complete it within one Sprint.

To create a Definition of Ready you can

  1. List the critical characteristics that will make the Story ready. For example, the Stories must meet the INVEST criteria and include a clearly defined user. The Team must have enough information to be able to estimate the Story. The Story must have Acceptance Criteria.
  2. Identify any additional items that will help the Team successfully work on the Story. For example, The Acceptance Criteria must be written in a “given <condition>, test that…” format. User interface drafts must be included.
  3. Get consensus from the Team. Validate that the User Stories have enough clarity that the Team can commit to delivering them within the Sprint.
  4. Revisit the Definition of Ready regularly and refine it, as necessary. Identify criteria that make the story ready to work. 

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